We’re on the move!

New Facility at Itchen Stoke


Over the next several months we will be undertaking the massive task of moving to our new facilities. So much to consider and too implement and it’s crazy to think that after 4 years of planning the time is nearly here.

Our new site at Itchen Stoke sits on approximately 30 acres of prime Itchen Stoke Estate land. It will comprise of a beautifully designed ash clad indoor arena; greater staffing and customer facilities; a significantly larger outdoor school, winter and summer fields and various other meadows for our school and rescue ponies to enjoy. 

It’s being designed with greater consideration to accessibility, to our liveries and will support an abundance of schooling opportunities whilst continuing our ethos of supporting local businesses and residences alike. Environmental and natural sustainability will be focused on, starting with the integration of a rain water harvesting system to aid our water usage. 


The new financial considerations of this new facility will be immense in comparison but we’ve always been up for a challenge, particularly when the welfare of all our horses and ponies are of the utmost importance.  

We hope to offer some rather unique sponsor opportunities and if you are serious about equestrian life then we also have investor avenues, should this be of serious interest. 

We will be announcing our full staffing and management team in due course and volunteers are always welcome to join our family, especially if you want to learn more about a life living, managing and caring for horses. 

You will see many changes as we get closer to the move this autumn, especially to our website as it gets a major overhaul with a new booking system for lessons and hacking. We will also be introducing a new line of merchandise that will become available when our new facility opens. 

Exiting times!!

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