£30 per child for 45 minute lesson


£40 per person for 45 minute lesson

Most group lessons are run on Saturday and Sunday mornings running from 10am each morning.  Smaller group sessions are run on Saturday afternoons and also on Sundays.  Groups are a maximum of 5.

Group lessons can be arranged after school throughout the week – Wednesdays after school are currently full.

Although we are closed on Mondays, if you are unable to arrange a time at weekends or any other week day, a Monday afternoon lesson may be available on request.

Private Raychel


£40 per child – 1:1 for 45 minute lesson

(No children under age of 5)


£50 per adult – 1:1 for 45 minute lesson

Private lessons are run Tuesday – Sunday and can be arranged after school if required.

Lesson types


Lead-rein lessons are for children just starting to ride, the real beginners.  No previous experience necessary and children can be whatever age.


Beginner lessons focus on being able to walk, start to trot.  Beginner lessons are sometimes led or have a helper walking/running beside.


Novice lessons are for those who are able to walk, trot and canter.  Novices will begin learning how to jump.


Intermediate lessons focus on honing skills when walking, trotting and cantering as well as jumping and hacking out.  Intermediate riders are able to compete.

Kissing pony