Full Livery 

£ 709 per 4 weeks (inclusive of vat)

This includes:Gem livery

  • Shavings bed (Bedmax shavings)
  • Hay/ Haylage
  • Horse to be turned out whenever possible
  • Horse to be mucked out/ groomed/ feet picked out/ have rugs changed
  • Horse to be exercised by us 3 times a week plus on walker
  • Hard feed – Conditioning nuts/ Dengie Hi Fi Lite chaff/ Speedi-Beet/ carrots
  • Supplements
  • Poo picking

Part livery   

£ 548 per 4 weeks (inclusive of vat)

This incudes:

Supplements are charged as extra for Part Livery

Grass Livery

By appointment only – £132 per 4 weeks (inclusive of VAT)

This includes:

  • Field shelter (you will be required to poo pick).

Grass Livery does not include hay or stabling.

Extras for Part Livery/ Grass or any others

Tack cleaning £7. 50                                Pulling manes £10

Farrier from £80.00                                  Pulling tails £10

Hack out £25.00                                        Wash legs/tail £10

School £30                                                   Lunge £15

Summer“What an idyllic place to keep your horse!  Knowing that our pony Summer is well looked after, regularly exercised and tucked up in a cosy stable every night gives us complete peace of mind. Francesca and her lovely team are utterly committed to the welfare of the horses and ponies and other children who ride with them.  My girls love their time at the yard, learning by helping, and their riding lessons are both fun and productive.  The Annual Pony Camp is legendary, where magical memories are made. This is a super friendly professional yard and I highly recommend it!” 
Collins family and Summer