Rent a pony

Here at Northington Stud and Stables, we offer a unique pony rental service for those wishing to ‘own’ their own pony.  Renting a pony on a six monthly basis from us is a wonderful way for riders to improve their riding skills, get to look after their favourite pony, groom and muck out, develop their knowledge of horses and gain confidence.

Fran takes great care to match the right pony to the right owner and the team at Northington are always around to provide support and give advice.  Best of all, the leased pony can be taken to shows and sponsored rides as part of the rental agreement, just like you would your own pony.   Why not take a look at Our Ponies and find a friend to rent?

GSEE7692How does it work?

Rental sessions are 3 hours and can be used from Monday to Friday.  Availability is as follows:

    • arrival no earlier than 9am
  • leave premises no later than 5:30pm

If you’d like weekend sessions, then a rental premium will be charged.  These time slots will only be available at the discretion of Northington Stud and Stables.

Your chosen session must be booked in the diary.  If you need to change a booked session, you can choose from what is available in the booking diary for that week.

Those renting ponies need to provide their own insurance to cover personal injury, public liability and third party damage.  Our horses are insured for theft or death.  A certificate of insurance will need to be shown to us at the time of signing the rental agreement.

A range of stable management tasks for each session are part of the renter’s responsibility and  as part of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

How much does it cost?

1 Horse Session           £25 per horse per week

2 Horse Sessions         £48 per horse per week

3 Horse Sessions         £70.35 per horse per week

4 Horse Sessions         £91.20 per horse per week

All contracts are for a minimum of 3 months.  Payment is required 4 weeks in advance.  Rental prices include VAT.

Call: FRAN BARING on 07970 717093 or email:

What do some of our ‘owners’ say about our Pony Rental scheme?

renting “ Muffin”
“It means everything to me to loan Muffin because you have more time to be with and learn about horses.”
renting “Piper”
“One of the reasons why I love loaning my once in a lifetime pony, Piper, from Northington Stud and Stables a is because you get endless support from people who really know what they are doing.  If you are ever stuck or unsure of what to do with your loan pony there is always someone there to give you valuable advice. I couldn’t live without Piper as he and everybody at Northington have bought so much happiness into my life over the past months. I cannot thank them enough!”