Northington Stud and Stables needs you!

Northington Stud and Stables is currently looking at applying for funding to help us to improve our facilities.  One of the things we’d like to do is to create proper stables within our special poly tunnel to provide further opportunities for our riders to learn more about stable management under cover from the elements as well as learn how to tack up and lead out their ponies safely ready for their lesson. This will also enhance the quality of our everyday lessons but also when we teach at pony club training days and pony camps.

In light of our application, the funding body have asked us to gather support from our clients to enhance our bid.  If possible, we’d really like to ask you for a sentence or two to support our bid about how you think it would be of benefit to you, our clients, and aid us as a riding school in our ability to teach these skills to our riders in a safe environment that is not weather dependent. Your opinions matter hugely to us and we want to provide the best opportunities we can as a riding school.  This funding would really help us to improve the quality of our lessons and help our riders to learn more about horse husbandry.

If you’d like to support our application and have a few minutes to jot a line or two then please contact Fran at

Thank you!